MILLENIAL AUDACITY
       The expectations of my book "Guidance Against the Odds" and this site Book My Story, is entirely motivational. With the core focus on inspiring young minds to read, to study history and to reach out to other youths across the nation, while learning the art of communicating by listening with empathy rather than immediate discord. With a world measured by speed, data delight, and sound bites, while politicians and social discourse increasingly becoming common core, there is a need for stability of reasoning. In short, first and foremost, a provocation for those who know and understand the cause and effect from the demagoguery of the pass and a brainwave for the millions who are turned off by the bully mindset that prevails in America today. “The Audacity of the Millennia's,” a rhetorical statement, meant as a stimulus, to and for a generation (for the most part) who within a decade or so will be moving into the eldership of the most powerful nation on earth. A mental make-up of divisiveness, a non-demonstrative direction of leadership growing deeper in a country which purposively stands for "Liberty and Justice for All," must be changed, before divisiveness takes us to the point of no return. The adjective "United" and the noun "States" contrasts' too infinity with the present leadership of these United States.

  "Tear down this wall!" is a line from a speech made by President Reagan on June 12, 1987, calling for the leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, to open up the barrier which had divided West and East Berlin. In 1961, a wall was built. For those who know history, it does not matter the political reasons of the time, just that it divided people; feeding on fear and hate as it's motivation. It took 28 years with America's involvement before the wall was torn down. In 2016, 27 years later in the United States of America, the conversation about building walls feeding ounce more on fears and prejudices as a means for political power.

  The Audacity of the Millennia's, I would hope, is not to follow in the footsteps of generation “X.” Generation X, parents of Millennia's, population approximately 41 million are known as the generation having the lowest voting participation rate of any generation. Generation Xers have been quoted by Newsweek as “the generation that dropped out without ever turning on the news or tuning into the social issues around them,” giving suspect to the missing links in constructive communications today. It would be a misnomer to say that Millennia's are the same, with iPhones at their fingertips breakfast lunch and dinner. The question is, will Millennia's smell the bacon and seal the yoke?

  Human beings are creatures of habit rather than logic and defensive by nature, even when we are wrong. We perpetually destroy the moral fiber of our being as we try viciously to trump each other, "no pun intended." The ultimate faith of America will depend on the unity of an interim new generation of thinkers, void of offensive tactics. Millennia's’ are known as incredibly sophisticated, technology-wise, immune to most traditional marketing and sales pitches, many but not all, not only grew up with it all, they’ve seen it all and exposed to it all since early childhood. Time is running out; outside forces are radicalizing our youth as we procrastinate our way to self-destruction in the name of self-initiated "internal fear." A political philosopher by the name of Edmund Burke once wrote, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for enough good men to do nothing.” No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as does the mindset of fear. 

  Millennia's, having a voting population expected to rise above 75 million which can be a game changer. The combined effrontery of a younger creative mindset, united, selflessly giving positive input with the power to vote can become the germination for a new inside the beltway mentality. Millennia's make up over 25% of the US population, having at least 21% of direct buying power, a massive influence on older generations. 46% of millennia's have 200 plus friends on Facebook. These statistics alone would be a show of strength if unified in the mindset of eliminating divisive politics. There is an old saying, "you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink," especially if the horse is old.  At the age of 74, by physical standards I am old, but I try hard to keep an open mind.  Milennial's, its your future. Don't allow money and divisive politics dictate you and your children's future. 



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