John    Chapter 14:2    
                     In my father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

                    My Soul is Ageless as well as Yours
           Patience and Time:  The family's building blocks.

      Sometimes I wake up, and I be 6 years old,
believing in magic with a child's view of Christmas...

      Sometimes I wake up and I'm 16, with the heart of a lion commanding strength and energy to change the world...

      Sometimes, I wake up and I be 32, with accumulated wisdom, and have traveled the world ..... surmising that there's so much more to see and learn.

      Sometimes, I wake up, and I'm 62, and in early retirement, coated with the experience of life and a need to write and share my offerings of tranquility.

      Now, I wake up at 79; lived through Jim Crow, transcended a segregated school system, been accosted unjustifiably on many occasions, and jailed erroneously, but still, I rise.

      Although sometimes, I wake up not digesting how old I am, but possessing serenity, with the sanctity of love and memories that encompass all ages, while exhibiting a rich and precious existence. 

      The family, is the patchwork of a unique quilt stitched in time that bears a signature of "LIFE!"  and love for each other under the auspice of God.  

                                   MERRY CHRISTMAS
                                                   From Phyllis & Henry
                                     LET THE CIRCLE BE UNBROKEN

The trilogy of where we’ve been